Wilson Pickett Funky Broadway

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March 19, 2018
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Wilson Pickett Funky Broadway

Wilson Pickett Funky Broadway

Soul Music

The song was written by Arlester “Duke” Christian, who recorded it with his band Duke & The Blazers in 1967. They have said that the Broadway in the title refers to other Broadways rather than the one in New York City. That is, they were thinking of Broadway in Buffalo, New York, and Broadway Street in Phoenix, Arizona. No matter. Wilson Pickett did a cover of the song in 1967, and his version charted very well at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Soul Singles chart and #8 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Personnel for the track were Wilson Pickett (vocal); Spooner Oldham (keyboards); Chips Moman and Jimmy Johnson (guitar); Tommy Cogbill (bass); Roger Hawkins (drums); Bowlegs Miller (trumpet); Charlie Chalmers and Jimmy Mitchell (tenor sax); and Flody Newman (baritone sax).

Wilson Picket aka The “Wicked Pickett,” was born in Pratville, Alabama, and was a pioneer in the development of soul music. He had many hits. Among them were “Land of 1,000 Dances,” “Mustang Sally,” “In The Midnight Hour” and “634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.).” He died of a heart attack in 2006.

Here are the lyrics to “Funky Broadway” by Wilson Pickett:

“Every town I go in, there’s a street
Name of the street, ha
Funky, Funky Broadway
Down on Broadway
There’s a nightclub
Now, now, name of the nightclub, now baby
Funky, Funky Broadway
Down on Broadway
There’s a crowd, now
Name of the crowd, baby
Broadway Crowd
Down on Broadway, yeah
There’s a dance step, ha
Name of the dance
Funky, Funky Broadway

Wiggle your legs now, baby
Shake your head up Do the shing-a-ling now, baby
Shake, shake, shake, now
You don’t know, baby
You don’t know now, woman
Do the Funky Broadway

Lord have mercy

Oh, you got me feelin’ all right

Dirty filthy Broadway
Don’t I like Broadway, ha
At Broadway, look-ee here
Down on Broadway, there’s a woman
Name of the woman, ha
Broadway Woman
Down on Broadway, yeah
There’s a man, ha
Name of the man, now”

For another song by Wilson Pickett: “Mustang Sally.”

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