• Many thanks to Stewart Tick, who is our guest blogger today. Stewart has been a DJ for several stations on the East [...]

  • An American astronaut is stranded on Mars, forced to use his wits to survive the bleak Martian environment.  He needs [...]

  • You’ve heard the song “King of Road” by Roger Miller, of course, well, here is “Queen of the House” by [...]

  • October 12, 2015Shindig

    In the beginning… The ABC network broadcast American Bandstand, which begat Hootenanny, which begat Shindig! And Hootenanny was good, as [...]

  • Well, what can we say about “MarArthur Park” by Richard Harris? You’re either with him, swept up in the images [...]

  • Here are 18 songs from the Pass the Paisley YouTube channel for you to enjoy. There are selections of 1960s [...]

  • “Have mercy,” sings “Lightnin” Hopkins in “California Mudslide (and Earthquake). Mudslides in California have taken their human toll today, and [...]

  • Charles Schultz based Snoopy after one of his childhood dogs, named Spike, and the character appeared in the comic strip [...]

  • November 2, 2015The Shift

    People in the ’60s had Twiggy, the face that launched a thousand and more shifts. The dress known as the [...]

  • Java by Al Hirt

    November 4, 2015Java by Al Hirt

    Trumpet player Al Hirt hit #4 in 1964 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 with the instrumental “Java.” It scored [...]

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  • Java by Al Hirt

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