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at our Groove Pad

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  • Using the following form you can submit a request for our Be In, which is held from time to time when the vibes are right on the juke box at the Pass the Paisley Groove Pad. We will collect your requests, load up the juke box, and announce it on our Facebook Page.
  • The form has an interactive search function with information from our site that might help you narrow down your choices or perhaps be inspired to make a choice. You are free to ignore the selections presented and just make your own for song or artist. Or you can choose the Pass the Paisley featured song.
  • Your name, song, artist, and any dedication or message will appear in a  Facebook post one the day of Be In and on one of this website’s blogs. Any e-mail will be used for special promotions, events, and news, to which you can always unsubscribe.
  • How does the form work?
  1. After you enter your name, you can choose to begin the process with a Song Title or an artist. (Or skip this and just choose the Pass the Paisley choice (in hot pink). Then in the field, start typing a request and wait a few seconds. You will see an auto-populated list of what is already in our database that matches the first few letters you type. If your choice appears, select it and then  press the TAB key on your keyboard or with the Select triangle on your phone. If none of those are what you want, then just type in your choice.
  2. If you chose Song Title, then a field for the Artist appears — and if you chose Artist, then Song Title appears. Begin typing, make a selection, or type what you want.
  3. Please add a dedication or message (optional).
  4. Send.
  5. You are welcome to repeat the process and submit another request.

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  • A little bit about the featured song for the next Be In:
  • The Pass the Paisley choice for the upcoming Be In is “Hanky Panky” by Tommy James & The Shondells.
  • For more information about the song plus the lyrics: “Hanky Panky.”

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  • A little bit about the Be In:
  • The first Be-In was held in January, 1967, in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. It became a prelude, as it were, to the 1967 Summer of Love. At a Be-In, people gathered to focus on love, social justice, higher consciousness (through the aid of pharmaceuticals or meditation, perhaps), ecological awareness, each other, and MUSIC. Our Be In has no such social ambitions. It’s just a time and place for you to listen to music you requested. Peace out!

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