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October 29, 2017
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Dickey Lee Laurie

Dickey Lee Laurie (Strange Things Happen)

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The song was written by Dr. Milton “Mitt” Addington, a psychologist, and recorded by Dickey Lee in 1965. It was based on a story written by 15-year-old Cathie Harmon, who had it published in a Memphis, TN, newspaper in 1964. Harmon and Dr. Addington shared the credit and the royalties. “Laurie (Strange Things Happen)” went to #14 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and to #6 in Canada.

Harmon’s story was based on the legend of a ghost called Resurrection Mary. Young men would encounter her at dance parties, so it goes, in Chicago in the 1930s. She was shy and had cold, cold hands. If she were escorted or driven home, she asked to be dropped off at Resurrection Cemetery on Archer Avenue. She would tell her escort not to follow her and would then disappear. In 1939, Jerry Palus met her at the Liberty Grove dance hall. Mary gave him a real home address. When he went there the next day, an older woman said that she had daughter who died many years ago. The woman showed Palus a photo, and it was the girl he escorted.

Dickey Lee was born Royden Dickey Lipscomb in Memphis in 1936. He is a pop and country singer and songwriter. Among his famous songs are”Patches,” another teen tragedy tune, and “Never Ending Song of Love.”

Here are the lyric to “Laurie (Strange Things Happen)” by Dickey Lee:

Last night at the dance I met Laurie
So lovely and warm, an angel of a girl
Last night I fell in love with Laurie
Strange things happen in this world

As I walked her home, she said, it was her birthday
I pulled her close and said, “Will I see you anymore?”
Then suddenly she asked for my sweater
And said that she was very, very cold

I kissed her goodnight at her door and started home
Then thought about my sweater
And went right back instead
I knocked at her door and a man appeared
I told why I’d come, then he said

“You’re wrong, son, you weren’t with my daughter
How can you be so cruel to come to me this way?
My Laurie left this world on her birthday
She died a year ago today”

A strange force drew me to the graveyard.
I stood in the dark, I saw the shadows wave
And then I looked and saw my sweater
Lyin’ there upon her grave

Strange things happen in this world

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